I offer individualized parent coaching over the phone to clients throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond or in-person throughout Southeast Michigan. Because the coaching sessions follow a loose structure, a commitment for at least ten fifty-minute appointments is necessary. My priority is your comfort level in building a trusting, confidential relationship. 

Call to Schedule Your Free Half-Hour Introductory Session and Interview

The full coaching series includes ten fifty-minute sessions by either phone or in-person, detailed weekly feedback by email, and open e-mail access in between sessions. 
One full coaching series:  $850.00 for ten 50-min sessions following the free Introductory Session.
I am also available for speaking engagements, workshops, and discussion groups. 

Please call 248.515.0067 for complete the information form on the CONTACT page for further information. 

Julie Gale Sase, parenting coach:

Every family is unique and has different values, challenges, and backgrounds. As a parenting coach, I will help you align your day-to-day parenting decisions and experience with those values to accomplish your personal and family dreams and goals with the assistance of a parenting coach.

Furthermore, through an optimistic, forward-thinking approach with parent coaching, I’ll be there to listen, affirm, nudge, and

nurture you to take care of yourself, so that you can slow down and enjoy your children more.

Finally, through parent coaching I will offer practical strategies for the challenges that parents face such as control of media technology, learning and behavior issues, first-time parenting and other any other issues that you have.--Julie