Because of my love of teaching and children, I happily pursued an elementary teaching certificate. However, with only my student teaching left to complete, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised with our first pregnancy.

As I discovered that I had fulfilled all of the requirements for an  English degree with an Art minor (my other passion), I chose to put my teaching career on hold in order to be a stay-at-home mom with part-time work.

Nevertheless, I found that my education would serve me well as both a parent and later as a parent coach. My English degree helped me in writing and editing articles while involved with La Leche League as a leader planning and running monthly meetings. In this capacity, I helped other mothers face parenting challenges on a one-to-one basis
for more than a decade.

As my children grew, I became active in other community organizations. I found other paths within my calling to help families. These included being a Girl Scout leader, a school library assistant, and a board member of our local Children's Garden youth group.

Becoming a
certified as a parenting coach has been a natural progression and culmination of my educational experience, leadership, and parenting. I am grateful to be able to coach other parents and help them to discover and clarify their strengths and values as they achieve the ideal vision that they have for their own families.


Julie Gale Sase, parenting coach:

Every family is unique and has different values, challenges, and backgrounds. Through parent coaching, I will help you align your day-to-day parenting decisions and experience with those values to accomplish your personal and family dreams and goals with the assistance of a parenting coach.

Furthermore, through an optimistic, forward-thinking approach with parent coaching, I’ll be there to listen, affirm, nudge, and

nurture you to take care of yourself, so that you can slow down and enjoy your children more.

Finally, through parent coaching I will offer practical strategies for the challenges that parents face such as control of media technology, learning and behavior issues, first-time parenting and other any other issues that you have.--Julie